You’ve probably┬áseen people train with tires at the gym and thought to yourself, “WTH are they doing?”

As it turns out, tires are a great way to build endurance and strength, not to mention tire workouts torch calories. The video shows 10 of our favorite tire burners that you can incorporate into your training.

Here are our top 10 variations:

  1. Sledge Hammer Hits
  2. Pop Squats
  3. Tire Jumps
  4. Jump On, In, On, Out
  5. Tricep Dips
  6. Decline Push Ups
  7. Inclince Push Ups
  8. Alternating Step Ups
  9. Alternating Toe Taps
  10. Tire Flips


Brittany Stachel

Brittany Stachel

I'm a graduate of West Chester University with a B.S. in Exercise Science. I'm an athlete at my core and I grind it out everyday to ensure that I (we) get better. Strength training paired with intense conditioning is what I'm drawn to but I will always have time to crush a great session of Olympic Lifting. When I'm not in the gym I love reading, trying new restaurants and doing any type of outdoor activity with my family and friends! (I need more friends for hikes, so come on in)