Barbend. Collaboration. Brooklyn New York.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to Barbend HQ for a collaboration and checking out their facility located in Brooklyn New York. If you didn’t know Barbend is a content site devoted to providing the best information on all thing’s strength and fitness. I got to work with their fitness and training editor Jake Boly who is just an outstanding and knowledgeable dude.

When we were hanging out I made a video for their website on “5 Foolproof Tips to Build a Stronger Deadlift” which you find here à Deadlift tips.

We also did a video of me vs their editors competing in weird feats of strength (human Steinborn squats, plate flip challenges & more) which can be shown à Strongman Vs the Barbend Editors Just something to watch if you want a good laugh.

When it came to my channel, we were trying to think of content that would be unique to both Jake and something my channel hasn’t seen before. This is when Jake had asked…

“Have you ever done any content on the landmine attachment?”.

800 Videos and the answer is NO

Which to be honest, out of my 800+ videos I have never done a video specifically on the implement or how it can be used in your training.

I actually was using it more in my training recently for BJJ and as a tool to keep me feeling athletic while also managing fatigue. It just seemed like a no brainer to me for Jake to inform us of this implement and its uses/benefits.

In this video, we go over some top movements that you can put together for a full-body workout where ever you are at!

We hit some variations of the press, squat, rows, and rotational movements for the “core”.

So just a couple points on the landmine attachment before you dive into the video.

It’s inexpensive and space-efficient: You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a landmine attachment and what’s cool is they have landmine attachments you can weigh down with a few bumper plates, or attach to your rig. BOUS in this video you will see you don’t need anything at all besides a barbell and some dumbells!

When it comes to space I like to be as efficient as possible, especially if you are someone who trains out of your home, space is even more crucial. I like this implement because of how small it is but how much you can get out of it!

It’s a great way to manage fatigue and work around tweaks/injuries: Something that is great about the landmine is that it’s an implement that you don’t usually put a ton of weight on which can be nice when trying to find accessory movements to manage fatigue. This is why I like using a landmine variation later in the week or towards the end of my training.

We cover a lot more in-depth with the video so make sure to check it out! If I were you I would implement some of these movements into your training blocks just to try them out and see what you like!


Joey Szatmary

Joey Szatmary

Founder of Szat Strength and current Overall 2019 National Heavy Weight Strongman Champion.