Many of you that subscribe to the youtube channel and the Iron Lions Facebook group have asked for me to share a few of my training videos. Since we’ve got a new squat program coming out next week I thought that it’d be a good idea to share a squat training session here to get things kicked off.

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Here’s what we are covering in this training session:

  • We’ll jump into my leg session for the day where I’ll be doing some squats
  • Incline bench
  • Accessory work

At the time of the video, I had recently moved back into low bar squats after completing a block of high bar squats. I run down proper form to help increase your leg drive and of course how to set up, walk out, and maintain good form throughout the lift all of which will have a significant impact on your overall squat.

Bench Press, Variations, and Sport

When it comes to the bench press I like my variations to carry over to sport. My focus here was an incline bench because of the effect that it has on my triceps. Because of this, I find that it has helped to increase my overhead press significantly which will directly transfer to sport and strength.

Accessory Training For My Squat Session

For accessory, I kept it short and sweet, with some push presses and dips for conditioning and finally (not seen in the video) I hit a strong session of BJJ (Brazilian Jui Jitsu). More on that soon.

Train Like Me Squat and Bench Press


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Joey Szatmary

Joey Szatmary

Founder of Szat Strength and current Overall 2019 National Heavy Weight Strongman Champion.