4 Training Ideas for People That Hate Working Out

As an athlete I have my own ideas of what constitutes a “fun” workout. Strongman style training, bodybuilding, and trail running are all right up my alley. As a coach I understand that shockingly my idea of fun probably doesn’t match a whole bunch of other individuals ideas of fun…

I never want to be the kind of coach that forces people into fitness against their will. This is the exact kind of mentality that drives people away from training in the first place. I’d much prefer everybody finds their own style of physical activity that works best for them and that they can realistically commit to on a regular basis. Understand that the type of training that you are doing will never nearly be as important as the fact that you ARE actually training in the first place.

I also understand that for many people fitness just isn’t that thing, and it may very well never be their thing. That’s okay. I’d still love for you to experience the benefits that can come with a regular physical activity routine, however, and with that in mind I’ve listed out some of the best training styles that will tend to make you forget you are training in the first place.

1. Hiking and Rucking

A lot of people underestimate how beneficial getting off the couch and just walking can be for their life.

I get it…in the ultra saturated fitness social media market of insanely heavy lifts, ultramarathoners, and daredevil acrobats walking seems a bit dull.

Good news is training doesn’t have to be flashy to be effective. 

Walking and it’s harder variations hiking and rucking are some of the most accessible fitness endeavors out there and in my opinion tend to be the most satisfying and meditative.

2. Self Defense Courses

No I’m not saying you have to get your lights knocked out at a hard core MMA or Muai Thai gym. Though you’re certainly welcome to if that’s your thing!

Self defense courses or any type of martial arts gyms can be a perfect choice for those that hate working out because they are a skill first and fitness second.

You HAVE to be physically active to participate in these classes, the cool thing is you really won’t notice it. There’s a completely different shift in mindset when you a going to a fitness class at your local YMCA solely to train vs. I’m going to the MMA gym to learn takedown defense tonight. There’s another motivator there besides just training for the sake of training.

This can get your mind off of the “I gotta go do that boring fitness stuff again” side of things and have you actually excited to show up to train.

3. Sports

When people hear “sports” they tend to almost immediately lock in on the popular American sports like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. These are fine but I also understand they aren’t for everyone.

The good news is there are hundreds of choices of sports for you out there to try, don’t just settle for those you find uninteresting because they are the “norm“.

Things like dodgeball, kickball, table tennis, badminton, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, rugby, and handball are good changes of pace just to name a few. The type of sport doesn’t particularly matter so much as the fact that you enjoy it and it keeps you up and moving.

Again this is more so about tricking your own psychology to get you up and moving. It’s not just training for the sake of training it’s a hopefully a game you actually enjoy and motivates you to continue to show up each day.

4. Outdoor/Adventure Sports

This list is exhaustive and includes hiking and rucking as mentioned above, mountain biking, rock climbing/bouldering, canoeing/kayaking/rafting, cliff jumping/diving, gymnastics/acrobatics, skiing/snowboarding, along with more than I could possibly list here.

These types of activities are perfect for those that need some excitement in their lives and find typical training to be too mundane.

Cool thing is with the adventure sports is if you’re the type of person that likes any one of these you’ll more than like find yourself liking a lot of the other adventure type sports as well, giving you more and more activities to get out and go do.

Matt Molloy

Matt Molloy

I'm a graduate the University of Pittsburgh with a major in Exercise Science. I’m a local guy (North Penn) and athletics has dominated my life. I've led teams in basketball, baseball, soccer, golf and my passion, long distance running. I've been strength training for 6 years with a focus in power-lifting but have recently stretched to strongman since joining the pride here at the Den. When I’m not in the gym I enjoy, spending time with my friends, music, and relaxing and playing some video games.