3 Triceps Exercises You Haven’t Tried Yet

Tired of a steady diet of EZ Bar skull crushers and cable pushdowns?

Here’s 3 Triceps exercises you probably haven’t tried yet to spice up your next arm workout!

1. JM Press 

Downside to this movement, you’re probably never going to feel like you’re doing it correctly. Upside, even if your form is a little rough around the edges, this movement is still a fantastic mass builder for the triceps, and a good changeup from normal skull crushers. Not only that, but this movement can go a long way to helping fix your stalled bench press as well.

Here’s the thing though, the only person that everyone agrees does the JM press correctly is JM Blakely himself, yet you’re still likely going to see 1001 variations of how to do this exercise floating around on the internet.

If you are going to give this one a try I highly suggest checking out this video where JM Blakey himself runs through how to do the movement. This should cut down on as much confusion as possible from different coaches teaching this movement in slightly different ways.

2. Tate Press 

While the Tate Press could easily be used for your basic everyday triceps hypertrophy work, people have come to love this movement for helping their bench press.

The Tate press is essentially just a DB tricep extension, with the notable exception of a flared elbow position.

This unique elbow position makes the Tate press great for targeting the medial head of the triceps and keeps it extremely specific to the bench press movement pattern itself. Additionally, this is a movement pattern which many individuals find tends to be easier on their elbows than traditional tricep extension movements.

Check out this video to see the Tate Press!

3. Rolling DB Extensions (Westside Extensions)

The rolling DB extension breaks the common mantra of “don’t use momentum bro“, “control the weights bro” and in this case that’s okay. You may hear this movement referred to under a few different names, notably Westside extensions as they are common in Westside conjugate style programming.

The rolling DB extension is a basic db tricep extension with an added stretch at the bottom of the movement, along with a slight “rock” that allows you to use some momentum to get out of the hole and drive straight through to the extension.

While some would immediately jump to calling this “cheating“, done purposefully this rolling motion allows you to get a little more stretch on your triceps, can be notably more comfortable for those with elbow pain, and allows you to bump up the weight a bit to turn this into a useful bench press accessory movement. Highly suggest giving this one a try before you immediately jump to calling it “ego lifting“.

Check out this video for an example of how to perform the rolling dumbbell extension! 


Matt Molloy

Matt Molloy

I'm a graduate the University of Pittsburgh with a major in Exercise Science. I’m a local guy (North Penn) and athletics has dominated my life. I've led teams in basketball, baseball, soccer, golf and my passion, long distance running. I've been strength training for 6 years with a focus in power-lifting but have recently stretched to strongman since joining the pride here at the Den. When I’m not in the gym I enjoy, spending time with my friends, music, and relaxing and playing some video games.