3 Tips to Make Your Weight Loss Goal Easier

1. Pack on the Protein

Protein is always hyped up as a muscle builder for gym rats, but it can also be your best friend when you are trying to lose weight.

Of the three macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) protein is the most satiating and will leave you feeling fuller longer.

Likewise because of this satiating effect high protein based foods tend to be much more difficult to binge eat compared to their high carb, high fat counterparts.

Decreasing some of your carb and fat intake and replacing it with protein can be an easy way to help you along with a weight loss goal.

2. Low Calorie Density Foods

One of the biggest complaints individuals will have during a period of weight loss is feeling like they are starving themselves day to day.

This can 100% be the case if you are opting for calorically dense food choices that aren’t very satiating.

Instead, try to pack in a lot of low calorie density foods into your meals. These are foods that can be eaten in large quantities without packing much in the calorie department.

For the most part you are looking at non-starchy vegetables in this category, but certain soups, and higher water content based fruits work here as well.

3. Water and Sugar Free Beverages

Drinking water and a weight loss goal should go hand in hand. So if you’ve been struggling to keep up on your water intake these are two great goals to pair together.

Similarly to protein drinking more water is going to live you feeling more full throughout the day. In addition if you are drinking more water throughout the day you’re less likely to be drinking other beverages that do have calories in them.

Likewise, you can opt to drink sugar free beverages or simply mix in any of the numerous “water enhancers” like Mio into your water. These sugar free drinks can help you cut down on snacking throughout the day and will keep you hydrated.


Matt Molloy

Matt Molloy

I'm a graduate the University of Pittsburgh with a major in Exercise Science. I’m a local guy (North Penn) and athletics has dominated my life. I've led teams in basketball, baseball, soccer, golf and my passion, long distance running. I've been strength training for 6 years with a focus in power-lifting but have recently stretched to strongman since joining the pride here at the Den. When I’m not in the gym I enjoy, spending time with my friends, music, and relaxing and playing some video games.